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 Ванкувер CYVR от FSDT.

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Поздравляем Борю Брежнего (VTK123   Boris Brezhnev) с долгожданным релизом домашнего аэродрома от FSDT.

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Да, какая красотища этот новый сценарий моего Ванкувера !!!

Design Notes
This scenery has been made using brand new design methods in FSX. The challenge
was to create such large airport, without compromising quality and texture sharpness
on ground.
Because of this, new design methods, based on native FSX Shaders had to be implemented,
and our .DLL module Addon Manager, is helping to bypass some limitations
of the FSX SDK, that will not normally allow to use native FSX shaders and fully
custom ground textures, without visual artifacts.
In order to enjoy the scenery at its fullest, we suggest the following:
• Keep the “Mesh Resolution” slider at 5m/pixel, and the “Mesh Complexity” slider
at 100. With less resolution, some visual problems might appear.
• If you have an ATI video card, don’t use the “Adaptive Antialiasing” feature,
because it will cause visual problems on the ground.
• Due to the technique used, there might be some areas of the scenery that don’t
show the user airplane shadow correctly, this is normal, and it only happen in a
few places.
• Late in the afternoon, or early down, the Shader effects on the ground are more
visible, since the sunlight comes from an angle that makes the Bump mapping
and Specular mapping used on the concrete more apparent.
• On your Video Card control panel, set the “Anisotropic Filter” to 8x or 16x, don’t
use the default “Application Controlled” setting
• IMPORTANT - On the Addon Manager menu, be sure you have the “Force HD
Textures” option ENABLED! This is very important in order to enjoy the scenery at
its full quality, since it enables the usage of 4096x4096 texture resolution, which
is how most of the textures in the scenery were designed for.
• IMPORTANT - This scenery takes quite a bit of memory. Because of the limitation
of 32 OS, is strongly suggested you use a 64 bit OS, either Windows Vista
or Windows 7 or Windows 8. Since the scenery is fully compatible with

System Requirements
In order to run Vancouver International Airport without any problems your system
will have to meet the following minimum requirements:
• A fast Quad-Core CPU is recommended for use in FSX.
• 800 MB free space on your hard disk
• 3D video card with at least 512MB is recommended for use in FSX - DirectX 10 is fully supported.
• Microsoft FSX + SP2 or Acceleration Pack
• Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 - Vista and Windows 7 are supported in 32 and 64 bit versions.
• Due to high memory requirements of the scenery, if you use several add-ons together, using a 64 bit Operating System is strongly suggested.
• Adobe Acrobat® Reader 8 or later version,

Installation is entirely automatic. The installer will detect your Flight Simulator installation
folder automatically, and will copy the files at the correct locations and will update
the Scenery Library without any user intervention needed. The Addon Manager
module, needed in order to be able to use and Buy the product, will be installed as a
submenu under the “Addons” menu in FSX. If you already have this module coming
with other products, the installer will automatically check its version, and will always
install the newer one. In case you find any incompatibility between other product
using the Addon Manager, please ensure you are using updated versions of these